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Celebrate National Robotics Week at the InOrbit Robot Space

By Team InOrbit

National Robotics Week runs from April 8 - 16, 2023 and the InOrbit Robot Space is excited to invite members of the public to a series of events, meetups, and educational talks during this time to demystify how modern robots are working with society to build a better world. Bay Area residents are encouraged to explore these all-ages hands on robot activities with us at the InOrbit Robot Space, 293 Castro St, Mountain View, California. 

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Why we're giving developers the tools to build better robots

Julian Cerruti

In the beginning...

I entered the robotics world 10 years ago, thanks to an opportunity from Willow Garage and its outstanding people. I joined them from the world of enterprise software with the goal of helping to bring robotics research into the world with production-ready solutions.

I fell in love with the humanity and professional excellence of the robotics engineers I worked with, and the interesting challenge of creating tools to make our lives easier.

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